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Archaeology and BIM  

Archeofoss 2020 presented a new strategy to avoid using specific innovative technologies / methodologies / software just for fashion and instead pushing responsible thinking depending on the resources spent and data produced. This is the philosophy of Filippo Diara and Fulvio Rinaudo in their work on the use of BIM methodology in Cultural Heritage (abstract available in

IDS GeoRadar announces IQMaps enhancement

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, today announces that it has enhanced IQMaps, its post-processing software application for advanced GPR data analysis. The updated version includes new functionalities that improve the visualisation of radar data and extend the application fields to void detection and archaeology.

Human and Climate Change in Northern Italy

In Archeofoss 2020, Filippo Brandolini and Francesco Carrer presented a new FLOS-based interdisciplinary approach to see the transition from Roman into the Medieval Period (abstract in This article shows how using QGIS, GRASS GIS and R is allowed the development of a solid statistical assessment of human interaction with alluvial environments and archaeological landscape.

Soil Erosion Risk Map for Cultural Heritage

In Archeofoss 2020, F. Battistin, S. De Angeli, F. V. Moresi, P. K. Fayad and M. Serpetti presented an article on RESEARCH -the European project on REmote SEnsing techniques for ARCHaeology- (abstract available at: This project aims to assess the damage caused by soil erosion to the CH, in exposed and buried archaeological areas. For this purpose a specific FLOS tool was developed, to create high resolution risk maps.