In Archeofoss 2020, Irene Carpanese presented A.R.C.A. (Archiviazione, Ricerca e Comunicazione del dato in Archeologia), an open-source software capable of publishing archaeological data on-line (abstract in

The goal of the software is to manage, in a simple way, archaeological data of different nature (textual to spatial or even 3D data), making them “scalable”: easily reusable independently of other projects and different institutions. The idea is to create a product that encourages the data holder/owner to make their information open and available.

The software was developed without a typical relational DB, in order to build a flexible and adaptive product able to communicate with different datasets and capable of interconnecting various data collected in multiple projects.

This project laid the cornerstone to develop A.R.C.A. itself. The software has big potential, but its growth depends on its use by the archaeological community, which can increase the quality and remove limits.

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