In Archeofoss 2020, Emanuel Demetrescu and Bruno Fanini gave a talk on the Extended Matrix methodology, an open source software 3d tools to transform archaeological record into a virtual reconstruction (abstract in

In recent years, the interest of scientific community in virtual reconstructive hypotheses has grown. Demetrescu and Fanini presented the EMtools and EMviq, which can help us to go back in time and “visit” the places we came from, going back to the past like in a real time machine.

A central aspect in the development of scientifically correct virtual reconstructive hypotheses is the possibility to manage complex cross-references of data and publish, not only the visual result of the reconstruction, but also all the data used to obtain it and, in particular, the sources, reasoning and interpretations.

The proposed innovative tools are based on the Extended Matrix (EMtools - These tools allow transforming the stratigraphic archaeological record into formalized reconstructive hypotheses that tell us how a context must have appeared at a given time in the past. Then, using the 3D Extended Matrix Visual Inspector and Querier (EMviq - this information can be seen in a scientifically correct virtual reconstructive scenario.

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