In Archeofoss 2020 (abstract in https://zenodo.org/record/4002961#.YHgzlOgzaUk) Paolo Rosati provided an overview on the different “open” solutions to implement the evocative, communicative, interactive and economic capacity of museums.

There are a lot of FLOSS tools useful to build communities and manage cultural places.

Different software can improve experiences for: virtual tours, online publications, studies of territorial sites, mapping, the recontextualization of finds in the territory and much more.

This work focused on the possibility to create an open strategy that can benefit the management of structures, increase business, and facilitate the construction and growth of more scientific community museums.

Therefore, a management strategy inextricably linked to FLOSS solutions has been proposed consisting on a sustainable model for building innovative interpersonal networks and aimed at the growth of new generations and professionals in the knowledge of technologies in purely cultural contexts.

In short, this project promotes a fusion between Museum and Fab Lab: with artworks, workshops for the construction of installations and merchandising, vanguard training centers and more.

It is possible to review this presentation on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPt3XURTP0g

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