Open source and architectures of the northeastern Palatine slopes

Open source and architectures of the northeastern Palatine slopes

In Archeofoss 2020, Lorenzo Fornaciari, Emanuele Brienza, Giovanni Caratelli, Cecilia Giorgi presented a study on the ancient architecture in area of the north-east Palatine hill slopes, in front of the Colosseum valley (abstract available in

The area of the north-east Palatine hill slopes is very rich in monuments thanks to more than 30 years of archaeological research.

The huge amount of documentation produced has necessitated the development of a data storage and management system dedicated to give a logical and integrated framework for the information and also propose new elements for research development. Since 2001, the whole archaeological record has been managed by an intra-site GIS for data-retrieving, spatial analysis and archaeological reconstruction.

The authors dedicated their attention to the spread and availability of open-source software and have exploited the support of ArcheoFoss community that undoubtedly has represented a fundamental pivot for technological development in archaeological practice.

This new approach aimed at open-data issues and experimented with entire datasets migration, reconstructing the whole system in Qgis open-source platform. The focus is on the study of the ancient building and use of image-based-modelling photogrammetry techniques, which revealed a certain incompleteness of the exclusively chrono-typological study of the ancient walls: these approaches are anchored to two-dimensional projections of the artefact.

To overcome this issue, the authors designed a new 3D documentation of the ancient structures and a new form format using criteria targeting the collection of information related to construction methods, structural expedients, yards dynamics, specific materials selection, quantification of the work in terms of time and number of the workers.

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