In Archeofoss 2020 (abstract in, Benjamin Ducke discusses the design and current state of development of (, the open research data infrastructure from the German Archaeological Institute (DAI: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut).

The goal of this project is to provide a modular Web-based FAIR implementation with exhaustive support for all main categories of archaeological research data, i.e. a network of many different departments and research units, spread across several continents.

This work started considering some potential obstacles, such as the effects that technological innovations and disruptions have on research traditions, or the sheer complexity of modern software development.

iDAI.objects, iDAI.gazetteer, iDAI.geoserver, iDAI.field 2 are some of the available modules. There are others focused on bibliographic research, standardized vocabularies, open access publications and other tools that assist researchers in producing and publishing consistent, interoperable research data.

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