Archaeology and BIM  

Archaeology and BIM   

Archeofoss 2020 presented a new strategy to avoid using specific innovative technologies / methodologies / software just for fashion and instead pushing responsible thinking depending on the resources spent and data produced. This is the philosophy of Filippo Diara and Fulvio Rinaudo in their work on the use of BIM methodology in Cultural Heritage (abstract available in

HBIM - Historic Building Information Modelling - should be understood as the knowledge of a historic building captured at a specific moment in its life-cycle. HBIM are affected by different compromises and issues, especially in reference to the software used, mostly designed for AEC industry, and rarely fit with the Cultural Heritage domain.

The use of free / libre and open source (FOSS / FLOSS) BIM software, especially for Heritage assets, and the utilization of FOSS BIM solutions for Cultural Heritage domain could be a big milestone in Heritage recording; however, it also faces real challenges. In spite of them, HBIM has the potential to become a good answer for building archaeology documentation and analysis. By using ad-hoc and customized FOSS tools –e.g. FreeCAD, it could become the viable and fitting solution, overcoming AEC industry limitations of standard BIM software.

Therefore, the authors in this article show how the HBIM methodology is changing the way Cultural Heritage documentation is produced and investigated, and how FOSS / FLOSS solutions are modifying the general view as well as the possibilities of BIM and HBIM methodology. They have focused their project on experimentations, custom modifications and adaptations of FreeCAD to building archaeology assets, such as a HBIM custom platform for documentation and analyses. The latter aims to adapt custom HBIM workflows to specific needs, avoid methodological compromises related to commercial BIM software as well as preserve the original goals of specific research.

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