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Archiving 2017
Lunedì, 15 Maggio 2017
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he IS&T Archiving Conference brings together an international community of imaging experts and technicians as well as curators, managers, and researchers from libraries, archives, museums, records management repositories, information technology institutions, and commercial enterprises to explore and discuss the field of digitization of cultural heritage and archiving. The conference presents the latest research results on digitization and curation, provides a forum to explore new strategies and policies, and reports on successful projects that can serve as benchmarks in the field. Archiving 2017 is a blend of short courses, invited focal papers, keynote talks, and peer-reviewed oral and interactive display presentations, offering attendees a unique opportunity for gaining and exchanging knowledge and building networks among professionals.

Proposed Program Topics
Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts describing original work for presentation at the 2017 conference in technical areas related to the general fields of:

    New developments in digitization technologies and workflows for two- and three-dimensional (2D/3D) materials as well as audio visual (A/V) materials
    Digitization equipment and software
    Techniques, e.g. multispectral imaging, 3D imaging
    Multispectral image processing
    Large scale/mass digitization
    Quality assurance, e.g. targets, software, automation and integration in workflows
    Formats for preservation and access
    Embedded metadata
    Standards and guidelines related to digitization practices
    Archiving, curation, and management of digitized and born digital materials, e.g. images; A/V materials; digital art policies, strategies, plans, risk management
    Management of metadata
    Dissemination and use, e.g. rights management, crowd sourcing, data mining
    Business and cost models for digitization and archiving

All submitted proposals are peer reviewed by the program committee to assure that the program provides significant, timely, and authoritative information. All papers presented at Archiving 2017 are published in the conference proceedings, indexed with various services, filed with the US Library of Congress, and made available as downloadable PDFs through the IS&T digital library. Papers presented at the conference should be authoritative and complete in regard to advancing the state of knowledge in the area of digitization and archiving. The conference language is English.

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